FAQs on Internet Marketing

Why Internet Marketing :

  • Increase Search Engine Visibility.
  • Improve ROI.
  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs.
  • Increase "Brand Recognition"
  • Communicate a company´┐Żs message about itself, its products, or its services online.
  • Conduct research as to the nature (demographics, preferences, and needs) of existing and potential customers.
  • Sell goods, services, or advertising space over the Internet.

Following are the FAQs on Internet Marketing & Promotion

  • What is Sponsored Search Engine Placement (Pay per Click)?

    Sponsored search engine placement is an online marketing system whereby advertisers may bid for advertisements that appear alongside, above or below search engine results for certain keywords. Typically the highest bidder for each keyword will be listed at the top of the search engine listings page. However with Google Adwords, the quality of the landing page can have an impact on the minimum bid cost. Advertisers will only be charged when a prospect actually clicks on their advertisement. Below is an example image of Google search results with Sponsored Search Engine Results Highlighted.

  • Google Adworlds

  • How much do I pay if someone clicks on my advertisement?

    Every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you will pay the fee associated (your bid price) with the specific term searched for and clicked on. Typically you will establish a maximum Cost Per Click Bid (the most you will pay for an individual click) and a Total Daily budget amount. The bids can vary substantially ranging from a minimum bid of $0.10/click to super-competitive keywords reaching up to $25.00/click. PPC Management will work with you to determine an appropriate, realistic and viable budget for your placement campaign. You will never pay more than your maximum daily budget.

  • Where will my listings appear?

    The two major sponsored search programs are Google's Adwords and Yahoo's Search Marketing. A third consideration is MSN search but their overall search volume is significantly less. PPC Management will consult with you to determine the best Search Engines to promote your site in based on a number of factors. Listing with Yahoo! Search Marketing will cause your advertisement to appear on Yahoo and its partners sites including: MSN, AltaVista, Excite, Netzero, Dogpile, ConsumerReview.com, Rent.com, HomeGain, . Listing with Google Adwords will cause your advertisement to appear on Google and its network including: AOL, Netscape, Lycos, Earthlink, AskJeeves, Shopping.com, CompuServe, AT&T Worldnet, Business.com, The New York Times, Food Network.com & HGTV.

  • What is Google AdWords?

    Google AdWords is a division of Google, and the undisputable leader in sponsored search placement. Google Adwords allows advertisers to create their own ads, determine their own keywords and publish them on Google as well as its partner sites and content network. This allows advertisers to have their advertisement to be visible, within 15 minutes, on sites such as: AOL, Lycos, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, Earthlink, Shopping.com, CompuServe, AT&T Worldnet, Business.com, The New York Times, Food Network.com & HGTV.

  • What is Yahoo! Search Marketing?

    Yahoo! Search Marketing is an industry leader in sponsored search engine placement. Yahoo's sponsored search advertising program Overture allows advertisers to have their listings guaranteed to show in some of the most visited sites on the internet including: Yahoo!, MSN, AltaVista, Excite & NetZero.

  • What if I already use Yahoo! Search Marketing or Google AdWords?

    If you have already created an account with either Yahoo! Search Marketing or Google Adwords, that's OK. We will review the current results and keyword usage before starting your service. There is always valuable information in your self managed account that we can use to improve your results.

  • Why would I pay for search engine results?

    Because optimization becomes ever-increasingly difficult to accomplish and difficult to guarantee, paying for search engine placement will ensure that when consumers search for your product/service in your service area, you are visible. You may use Pay per Click advertising during an optimization program on a decreasing spend approach or you may use ppc to augment your optimization efforts. This marketing is much more effective because you are only paying when your marketing is working for you - i.e. you're only paying when your ads are being clicked on presumably by a potential customer. What is the value of guaranteeing your visibility when your target market is searching for your product/service?