Campaign Management

Campaign management is the planning, executing, tracking and analysis of direct marketing campaigns. Vyom�s campaign is a complete interaction and campaign management solution that allows you to create, test, optimize, deploy, and analyze multi-wave, multi-channel personalized communications. A successful marketing campaign can expand your access to new markets, improve awareness, and strengthen your positioning and brand relevance. As part of Vyom�s marketing automation solution, the campaign management module helps easily design powerful, multi-stage, multi-channel marketing campaigns that get results. Design and measure promotions using easy-to-use templates and best practices. Track your campaign across channels and through its lifecycle with powerful tools for reporting, opportunity management, and analysis.

Our email marketing campaign helps you reach prospects with just the right message at just the right time. All while driving down your cost per qualified lead. Most advanced email campaign management solution, combining the most sophisticated feature set available with core list managment functions, fast and reliable email delivery service, and the ease-of-use and value which Vyom builds into all of its products.

Vyom�s Campaign Management includes features such as:

  • Behavior-based Sending: Instantly send event-triggered email messages and/or campaigns of sequential messages based clicks, opens, or web site conversions.
  • Full-Featured API: Control recipient management and message sending from your system, allowing your database and system to control messages sent through our network of high-deliverability email servers.
  • Multiple List Management and Aggregate Billing: Consolidated interface to control multiple lists and administrators, and aggregate billing to take advantage of the lowest pricing tiers for all accounts.
  • Dedicated Delivery Assurance Staff: Ensures that your email messages get the highest delivery rates possible.
  • Other Advanced Features Include: Automatic campaign testing; comprehensive tracking, reporting and analysis features; conversion tracking, including integration with Google Analytics; private labeling, private network solutions, and custom development available.

Key Benefits of Vyom�s Email Campaign Management
Vyom�s Email Campaign enables marketers to create, preview, test, execute and track personalized email communications to help improve response rates, customer loyalty, and profitability. Unlike other email marketing solutions, Vyom Email Campaign takes advantage of customer information acquired throughout an organization to create personalized, relevant customer communications and offers that may be integrated into a complete cross�channel strategy.

  • Send hundreds, thousands or even millions of emails per month.
  • Schedule your campaign days, weeks or even months in advance.
  • Use our built-in spell checker to make sure your emails go out free of errors.
  • Send test emails to all email clients to see how your layout looks with each one.
  • Personalize emails with fonts, colors, images and more.
  • Use your own layout or use one of dozens of email templates created for various business types.
  • Track all your email campaign data and see each email as it is opened.
  • Views which link were opened, which emails bounced, who opened your emails and more.
  • Access all your reporting tools 24/7, as long as you have Internet access.
  • Export your reports in Microsoft Excel or text format, and print them out for presentations and more.

How Can You Use It:

  • Optimize your site for search engine placement
  • Submit your site with all the top search engines
  • Buy targeted traffic online through our advertising partners
  • Create & manage online affiliate programs
  • Analyze the return on investment from your online advertising
  • Track purchase conversions in real-time