Software Testing

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Software Quality is one of the most crucial factors determining the success or failure of a business. Virtually all developers know the frustration of having software bugs reported by users. When this happens, developers inevitably ask: How did those bugs escape testing? Countless hours doubtless went into the careful testing of hundreds or thousands of variables and code statements, so how could a bug have eluded such vigilance? The answer requires, first, a closer look at software testing within the context of development. Second, it requires an understanding of the role software tester and developers�two very different functions�play.

We at Vyom Technosoft, focus on providing the IT services, assured of high quality standards to ensure a marked base of trust between the organization and the Clients, also bringing up the best personal qualities and team working abilities in our employees, as well as working out efficient communication strategies to ensure the best team coordination and effective cooperation with customers.

Our delivery is structured to optimize the most appropriate blend of onsite and offsite services and we maintain advanced testing facilities. With expertise in working for both business and IT teams we can focus our solutions and services to utilize the most appropriate processes and technologies for your project. Our quality management, testing services play a key role in enabling you to implement a truly 'integrated' system in the most efficient manner possible. We recognize that our clients want support that is sensitive to their priorities, focused on their business needs and always responsive to the constant change they experience. Quality of our products is maintained through the development and maintenance of the standards of processes and services.

One important aspect in Quality Assurance is software testing. Software Testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and developers today face most demanding customers who expect 100% flawless functioning of the applications in use. The process not only helps in detecting errors in the applications but also helps in the judging their usability and reliability. Our QA team conducts a variety of tests which include:

  • Manual Software Testing
  • Automation Software Testing
  • Load Runner
  • Win Runner
  • Quick Test Professional

Vyom�s QA Team

At Vyoms� quality check and software testing is an integral aspect of the entire developmental process. We follow a hierarchy so as to get better quality products which are verified and validated at each and every level. The process of QA at Vyom is carried out by a very distinctive Quality Analysis team. This team is directly under the management team. This QA team looks after the over all quality functioning of the company. Our quality analysts are directly in touch with the senior level management to ensure overall quality maintenance. Our quality analysts are highly experienced individuals who have the in depth knowledge of all the technologies being used in the process of software development. This factor ensures timely guidance and assistance from the masters.