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Corporate Presentations

Corporate Presentations are the new age company profiles, that help in communicating and building a unique brand image for the company.


  • This will enable you to impress your clients at their comfort.
  • Impresses the viewer in a short time.
  • Ability to trigger multiple senses at the same time.
  • First Impression is the best impression.
Interactive Presentations

An Interactive Presentation carries a wide range of information that can be selected according to client�s choice.


  • It communicates everything you thrive to convey to your clients.
  • deliver greater information in lesser time.
  • Maximize your Business.
  • Motivates the client to buy your products and services.
Marketing Presentations

Good Marketing Presentations eflects your business/service/ products in the most appealing way.


  • Benefit to Find New Clients or Customers.
  • More work in lesser time.
  • Direct interaction with clients.

Marketing Collateral Kit

A good Marketing Collateral Kit will take you one step closer to success.


  • Complete Control over your marketing communication tools.
  • Organized and well structured corporate communication.
  • A standardized marketing identity across the company.

Product Demos

It gives you the advantage of influencing audience to turn into your loyal customers.


  • A Product Demo is an essential part of any marketing campaign.
  • A Product Demo will help in explaining the Product in total with features,
    functionality, technical specifications, comparisons, benefits etc.
  • A product demo is a perfect medium to convey the uniqueness of your products,
    which ultimately influences the buying decisions.

CBTs and WBTs combine simplicity with ease and allow the user to learn and understand at his comforts.


  • Visually rich experience.
  • Interactive learning.
  • Greater flexibility
  • Easily scalable and quickly deployable.

Product Walkthrough

Product Walkthrough will enable the clients to understand better the function/process of a particular product.


  • Act as product demonstration tool.
  • Act as product manual.
  • Present various processes and actions visually.
  • Makes the job of the operator easy and simple.
CD-ROM Publishing

Today CDROM is a common medium for publishing information other than print.


  • Ability to contain huge amount of information.
  • Compact for portability.
  • Storage advantages of CD-ROM.


Documentary is the medium used to convey their message effectively to a large group of audience.


  • High End Video Shooting Facilities.
  • Professional Voice Over and Recording Facilities.
  • Linear and Non Linear Video Editing Facilities.
  • Quality Control Facility.
Content Localization

Content localization is designing content for a specific target audience.


  • It includes converting your content into a language that your audience understands.
  • Easiest way to attract audiance.
  • Simplest way to increase client list.
Logo Designing

Customized Logo Design


  • Logo As in Visiting Card/ Letterhead
  • Customised Logo Design
  • Single Point Of Contact
  • Most reasonably priced services
Website Template Designing

Enables an developer to directly use the tempelate.


  • Makes designing easier.
  • Gives clear overview.
  • Reduces the time.
  • Reduces the possiblity of errors.
Event Archival

Event Archival is a great tool to capture significant events like Seminars, Guest Lectures, Marketing Meets, Road Shows, Training Sessions etc.


  • An event archival help you record an event.
  • Enables you share it with people � employees, clients etc.
  • Allows you to view not only the textual part like the presentation slides but also
    the video and audio parts of an event.
Professional Voice-over

A production technique where a non-diegetic voice is broadcast live or pre-recorded in radio, television, film and presentation.


  • Helps in enhancing your sales
  • Perfect way of marketing and advertising.
  • Keeps your client always busy.

Professional Video Shooting

Visuals are stronger than words. They not only capture the eyes of your audience but also their hearts.


  • Presents a professional image of your company.
  • Increases brand recognition.
  • Grab people's attention.
  • Highlights your competitive strengths.

A simulation of movement created by displaying a series of pictures, or frames.


  • Attractive home page of your website.
  • Great interactivity and friendliness for users.
  • Attracts more visitors to your website.
  • Increasing the traffic to your website.