Why Choose Us?

For one simple reason - working with Vyom Technosoft will be a success for you. There are many reasons to it - price, business understanding, quality, after sales support and end-to-end services to name a few. We strive for utmost customer satisfaction through our services and solutions.
Below are some of the points for why you should choose Vyom Technosoft.

Stress on Quality:
Vyom is India's one of the youngest ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company. It's our stress on Processes that helped us pass the tough certification through an American Accreditation Agency without a single non-conformity.

Cost Effective Solutions:
Our clients say that our rates are most reasonable and competitive. We never over-charge our clients. We work as technology partners and stress on repeat business. We understand that it would not be possible if we are not reasonable in prices for our services and products. We achieve this by keeping our operational costs to minimum and always keeping a check on it. Also we try to automate most of the processes and remove unwanted processes which would add to the overall cost, thus keeping the cost minimal.

Technical Expertise:
We have a strong technical team, and our employees are trained to work in group of small units and roll out projects in a smooth, efficient and timely manner.

Single Point of Contact (SPOC):
At Vyom, we stress on making our clients feel comfortable. Hence, we provide you a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) or Account Manager for your project. This will ensure that you always talk to a person who already knows your account details, and you do not need to repeat the entire details again.

Technical Support Call-Center:
For all the Projects, we have a call-center for after sales support. This comes into picture once the project is rolled out. The Idea behind this is to provide efficient support and also to coordinate between the technical team and the customer. Also, our executives are trained to provide the solutions to basic problems, so that you get the support instantly.

Diversified Portfolio:
With such a diversified portfolio (Please check our offerings section), we are sure that something similar to the kind of project you require is already available in our project library. This helps us deliver your projects faster at the most reasonable prices to you.

End-to-end Solutions:
If you have checked all the categories of our Products and Services, you must be aware that we are capable of providing end-to-end solutions to our customers. This helps in smooth integration, co-ordination, overall reduced cost and most importantly saving on time as we can parallely work on various solutions required by the customer.

Startups Friendly Approach:
Being a successful start-up, we know what a startup expects from a Technology Partner for sustaining and growing its business. With our deep penetration in online market, we also help our customers in generating successful marketing leads.

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