Test Automation

Vyom offers Test Automation Services, widely used for testing complex solutions, or for running parts of manual tests in an automatic mode. Test automation includes development of automated scripts based on predefined functional test cases and is dependent on the project schedule and requirements. As a rule, Vyom test engineers recommend automating regression tests of stable large-scale functionality. This approach ensures stability of automated tests and low costs for their support.

Since automated testing tools are quite expensive to maintain and study, outsourcing test automation to Vyom will save you a significant amount of money and effort.

How can your company benefit from test automation:

  • Reduce the time-to-market/product stabilization time
  • Get significant cost benefits in comparison to manual testing
  • Shorten the software development cycle at the expense of the duration of testing
  • Increase product quality
  • Eliminate the influence of the human factor

Vyom provides both internal and external test automation. Internal automation is performed as part of a complex testing solution that Vyom develops and executes onsite. In the case of external automation, Vyom develops the automated tests that will be executed on the customer side, but does not participate in the quality assurance of the designed software ó our experts only need a URL of the application (or product installation) and a test case description.

Automated tests generated by Vyom meet the up-to-date requirements for test automation: they are platform-independent, support automatic data generation and have low support cost.

Why choose Vyom for test automation:

  • You get an optimal QA budget, along with greater test coverage and efficiency for the same amount.
  • You donít have to pay for and study testing tools ó simply outsource the job to us.
  • We ensure that test automation is synchronized and properly integrated in your SQA strategy.
  • Highly skilled test automation engineers work on your project.
  • We call upon experience from dozens of successful test automation projects.