Security Testing

Security Testing checks the reliability of your software's user and system security, protecting end users from the theft or loss of private and sensitive data, as well as guarding against other intrusions, including:

  • Unauthorized access, accidental or deliberate, to programs and systemís data by users with no or limited access
  • Theft of critical data, including user logins, passwords, and payment information
  • Various types of fraud during online payments
  • Crack of web systems for future distribution of malicious software to system users, etc.

With Vyomís security testing service you can evaluate the compliance of your system with the security regulations in your organization, federal security guidelines, and general data integrity level without the need to purchase, continuously maintain, and upgrade testing tools. Have your overall enterprise security improved and risks assessed by a reliable partner like Vyoms.

Depending on the degree of coverage (primary security test or full application and server test), our security testing service may embrace security policy design, application security, operating system security, network security, disaster recovery, or all of the above.

In particular, security testing from Vyom includes:

  • Dynamic testing of web applications against major types of attacks: XSS, SQL Injection, buffer overflows, manipulations of the address bar and source code revealing
  • Intrusion (penetration) tests (access control, authentication, input validation, cryptography reliability, error handling)
  • Testing of payment mechanisms in different web systems
  • Vulnerability testing of systemís third-party components
  • Security code audit (use of static code analysis tools, manual review of major components of the system, recommendations on improvements, patches, security alerts)
  • Server configuration testing (search for errors in multithreaded environments that allow data to be shared or corrupted)

Stay protected from cyber attacks, stay confident in your future, and enjoy easy communication with your customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.