Vyom Insta Support

Vyom Insta Support is a licence based web service which can act like a life line for the services/products based company using this software even small/medium company can provide very good support to clients or convert their prospective clients into real one.
Broadly Vyom Insta Support has three module:

  • Clients side module- Here clients can login and ask the detail of any products or put any query to the company representatives.
  • Agents Module-Here the company representatives support staff can cater to the needs of the clients including answering the query and giving on products selection etc.
  • Administrator Module-Using this module companies can create variuos agents accounts specify department wise agent allocation and view the trends pertaining,using the reports generated

Main features of Vyom Insta Support:

  • Easy to integrate.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Accessibility throughout the world as it is web based
  • Practically Zero maintenancing cost for the software.
  • High level of customization on the basis of products/department/agents/timing etc.
  • One of the cheapest way to convert a prospective clients into real one and to keep those real one for long times.