Our goal is to provide you with a high-value intranet software solution at an affordable cost. We hope that you find Intranet Connections packed with valued features and functionality.

You will be able to quantify some benefits such as savings in operating cost, reduction in paperwork. The other benefits of an intranet solution like improved customer service and faster and better access to up-to-date information.

In todays world of globalized,paperless industries,its very important to have maximum level of accessibility, efficiency and quality.

Vyom intranet is basically one stop solution to provide all this and more.

Vyom intranet contains the following module:

  • Company module-Its contains all the details of pertaining to the company with proper access controls.
  • Employee Management-Its manages the various information of employee including personal detail,skills,competitiveness,growth etc, and performance matrix and comprehensive matrix are generated.
  • HR Module-It contains various management option for activity pertaining to HR like leave,training,feedback,suggestions etc.
  • Projects Management-All the projects can be created ,employee can be located on the basis of there availability and competancy level,projects time lines,goals and billing rates can be define along with projects types.
  • Task Management-Each projects can be sub-divides into different task allocated to different employee for specific amount of time.After completing each task the employee can submit there time card leading to task completion.
  • Reports generation-This is one of the most importants section for the higher management in order to view and understand the trends happening in the company.This provides warnings bells much before the problem actually comes.
  • Access Control Management-This is one of the most vital portion of Vyom interanet where access control can be decided on the basis of each employee/section/roles etc, depending on company policy.

As Vyom Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. has implemented the ISO 9000-2001 facility with in the company,the process provided in vyom intranet are mostly acclaimed through the world.