Interview Questions & Answers Guide

"Interview Questions & Answers Guide "is a complete and unique job interview eBook. It is one of the most comprehensive, easy to remember job interview skills and techniques guides on the market today. It has over 4,700 pages of concise, practical and use now information on Technical and HR interviewing.
These are the questions that are asked in Viva also. So, the same eBook will help you in your college studies and job too! Also, those who are interested in knowledge building, it is an ideal resource for them.
There are 4,070 Interview Questions in the eBook. There are 81 Categories of Interview Questions. The number of interview questions under different categories are:

Java & J2EE 827
ASP, C#, VB, .Net 697
C & C++ 128
Software Testing 358
Oracle 822
Data Warehousing & Database 240
HR & General 82
Computer Networking 129
Unix & Windows 82
Peoplesoft 287
SAP 96
Siebel 36