Vyom Desktop Testing S/W

" Vyom Desktop Testing software ",This is a VB based software for taking mock exam for both individual as well as corporate.

This software has been developed on keeping of view the large number of individual/institution involved in there value addition through there academic/professional life.

It contains all the major option for mock exam like practice test,adaptive test,sequencial/random test,quizes etc, and generated a complete reports for user performance,So that candidates compare his/her improvements throughout the practise session, stress more on the topic in whice they are weak,improve those topic and finally take final mock exam.

Vyom Desktop Testing Support is basically licenced based software and its customized version for various exam like GRE,TOEFL,MCSD,MCSE,OCP,GCP,MBA,M-tech etc are available.

More over this software can be tuned as per the need of the any company/organization/institutions.