Vyom becomes 90% paperless office!

July 2005

In an attempt to streamline processes and leverage Technology to a maximum extent, Vyom has developed an In-House Intranet application to take care of everything from recruitment to induction, from invoices to salaries. This application is developed with the aim of:

  • Streamlining the processes. Making the processes independent of the process actors.
  • To prepare the company for the upcoming ISO Certification audits.
  • To reduce the paperwork to a maximum extent, make the information digitally accessible.

This Intranet Application is named VPMS - Vyom Process Management System, as it takes care of virtually all the processes and activities in the organization. The application is divided into different modules and different levels of access control are defined. The application captures the complete spectrum of tasks allocations in the organization, taking it further to the cost estimation of the project based on the skills of the individual team members. Project dashboard is equipped with all the reports to get the clear understanding of the progress of the project. Each project is equipped with a discussion forum where all the team members can discuss the related issues and in future, the new inductee working on that project can get a complete view of the project by going through the topics in the discussion forum.

Some other powerful modules that are part of VPMS, and that help keep the processes smooth and efficient at Vyom are:

  • Leave Tracking System (PTO)
  • Client Dashboards
  • Hardware Request Tracker
  • Asset Management System
  • Document Repository
  • Employee Online Examinations
  • Employee Training Records
  • Employee Directory
  • System Administration Dashboard
  • Latest Company News Module
  • Company Activity Calendar
  • Employee Survey & Opinion Platform
  • Recruitment Management System
  • Project Pricing Estimation Module
  • Global Configuration Module

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