Vyom + Intel = Performance. Vyom is now Intel Software Partner

August 2009

Intel Logo

Trust your applications developed at Vyom for optimal performance on Intel processors. Vyom has successfully cleared all the requirements for being an Intel Software Partner.
This means that applications developed at Vyom are developed much faster, and their performance is at least 100% better. Vyom Desktop Applications are also suited for Laptops because they have in built features to detect if the program is running on battery or main power. In case, it is running on battery, the applications are programmed to cut the power requirement to 20%, by disabling un-required functions and increasing the polling time for various timers and sockets.
As a token of appreciation, Vyom also received a Laptop as gift from Intel Inc. Vyom is one of four other companies in India to receive the same.
After successful review of two of the major projects at Vyom for this audit, Vyom has submitted four more project for audit under the Intel Software Partner program in the month of August 2009.

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