Vyom marches ahead for STPI Registration

10 May 2007

After getting ISO Certified about an year ago, all steps are being taken to take Vyom to the next level, to get it STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) registered. STPI registration will allow the company to avail many benefits in the IT sector, considering the fact that most of the revenue of the company is being derived from the forex. We have done our homework” said Amit Mathur, Managing Director. “We have prepared all the necessary documents and applications, and now we are getting it reviewed independently by different agencies.” Talks are going on with different consultancies for the successful completion of STPI. Vyom office is located at the former STPI block itself and the new STPI building is just behind the Vyom office. The company has set a timeline of One Month for the registration to be completed. If it goes through, it will be one of the biggest achievements of the company till date.

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