Vyom Founders' story figures on Frontpage of Encyclopedia_de_IET

01 May 2007

The Alumni Magazine of Institute of Engineering & Technology Ė "Encyclopedia_de_IET" has featured Vyom's story on the frontpage naming it as "IETís First Ever Entrepreneurial Duo" The story covers how without any God Fathers and external support, Vyom has grown up from scratch to a 50 people strong company. "We never focused on Money. We believe that Money is a by-product of any good product or service." Said Vyom Co-Founder and CEO Rakesh Barnwal, who is all set to take company to new heights. And this is what is proved by the track record of company till now. "The dummy software company games that we used to play in our college days finally turned into a full fledged company." And this Magazine covers the full story on this.

You can download a copy of Encyclopedia_de_IET from the link given below:

  Download Vyom Story at Encyclopedia_de_IET (380 kb)

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