Market Reasearch Outsourcing

Vyom helped one of a leading Market Research Firms, Cross-Tab, for generation of leads for their market research exercise.Before coming to Vyom, the company had tried all the available options advertising on Google / Yahoo, Mass Mail Campaigns, Banner ads on other networks. But the company was not satisfied with the quality of the leads, as well as the cost was also un-justified.

At Vyom, our team of specialists discussed with the peers at the Market Research firm about:

  • Campaign expectations.
  • Optimizaton of Conversions
  • Channel Selection
  • Offer Tweakings
  • Lead Tracking
  • Counter Implementation
and helped them design a custom campaign to be run in select areas of our network. With extremely selected targeting, we were able to deliver 2,000 qualified leads to the client within 30 days.

Outsourcing the lead generation to Vyom helped Cross-Tab by:

  • Reducing the Cost per lead
  • Minimizing the turn-around time for lead generation
  • Validation of leads generated
  • Reporting and tracking of leads

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