Managed Email Solution

National Aeronautics Research Laboratory under the Department of Space, Govt. of India, required a reliable Email Solution for their staff. They were looking for email service, which is:

  • Fast and instant
  • Able to handle large number of email accounts
  • Able to provide ample email space for each employee
  • SPAM-Free
  • Hacker Safe
  • Allows to send an receive extremely large attachments
  • Integrates with their internal Exchange Server
  • Allows complete control over MX Records
  • Provides Webmail access as well as POP3 access
  • Provides powerful configuration options
  • Cost Effective

Vyom provided the perfect solution, which was taken with such great response that instead of standard one-year, provisions were made to have a 3-year tie-up with Vyom for the Managed Email Service.

Quick Facts about this implementation:

  • 5 Terabytes (5,242,880 MB) of total email storage space
  • 20 Terabites of Bandwidth Per Month
  • 25 Configurable Anti-SPAM engines.

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